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Where has Tit Thinks It’s People Been?

Hey Tit Fans!  To those of you wondering where this site disappeared too… I’m still here!  Divorce, moving provinces, a sick puppy dog and life got in the way for a bit, but I’d like to think the ball can start rolling again!

Titthinksitspeople has had some pretty extreme ups and downs since it’s start as a blogspot in February 2012.   That first month brought an unexpected 50,000 views it’s first 3 weeks and it was clear I needed to make a real big girl site.  March and April brought even more unexpected surprises: Front page of Gawker,,, Fangoria Magazine, and Howard Stern Radio all featured the site, as site views peeked over 500,000.

Submissions poured in next!  Anonymous men and women from all over the world sending in Buppets to me (an honour).


Here are a few favourites:

From Montreal, Quebec:  Mary Buppens

From Mexico:  The “boop”

From Toronto, Ontario:  “(T)It”

From Massachusetts, USA:  Sci- Fi Tits!

From Brisbane, AU: Flower Power!


So, a year and a half later, submissions have slowed down and I’ve realized that this site simply won’t generate money.  The internet doesn’t seem to like things that don’t fall into a category…  yes this site has tits on it, but it’s not “adult” in my book so I refuse to advertise porn on it.  However, non adult advertisers like google adsens disagree and refuse to advertise with me.    It’s a conundrum!   So I struggle with small donations sent in and merchandise that doesn’t really sell and contemplate the shelf life of TTIP.

What do you think folks?  Do you have ideas/suggestions?  I’d love feedback.   Should I make a calender?  A coffee table book?  Crowdsource funding?  Should I hang up my bra?

email me ideas if you got ’em!  I’m all ears.

Email the Master Buppeteer herself!

titthinksitspeople @buppetry

Donations can be sent via PayPal here:

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite Buppet Buddies:

Tit thinks it's Frankenstein!!

Tit thinks it’s Frankenstein!!

Here comes Freddy Boober!

ET the Extra Breastrial!

And… the original Buppet himself, Senior Boobito!